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lydia j

"My husband and son are patients of Dr. Sheliya. My husband has been seen by Dr. Sheliya for several years. Dr. Sheliya is very thorough and follows closely my husband's condition. He is always very friendly; explains in details; answers all our questions; and never in a hurry! His secretary, Norma, is also very friendly and helpful with appointments, records or whatever we need! Every time we go, there are several patients and they are all quite happy with Dr. Sheliya and Norma."

Erika D

"I am so happy with this practice. I am a Dialysis patient and was referred to Dr. Shaliya by my dialysis clinic and one of the technicians. On my first visit everyone was very nice and welcoming. I was told to call them anytime I neefne anything, and they are available for me at any time, day or night. Being a dialysis patient I didn't think I had the option of seeing another doctor. I was not satisfied with the doctor assigned to my clinic as they would not adhere to my wishes and increased my treatment time for no good reason. So I decided to seek out other available doctors, and that's why I'm with Triangle Kidney Associates today. Dr. Shaliya listens to me, and allows me to be a part of my care management with out treating my like a child. In a sense Dr. Shaliya empowers you to have control over your health and we'll being while providing excellent medical care."